Refurbishment JOP

Face Mask Refurbishment
Whether your prize mask is old and rough or rusted away we can make it look as new.   It is possible Helmet Hut has the most extensive collection of antique masks in any cow pasture across America…. 18,000 and growing!  Helmet Hut refurbishes masks the way it was done from the late 1940s through the 1980s.  No powder coating here.  That classic 7 step process is exact in almost every detail, including the red dot/ green dot markings.
JOP style masks are $40.00 
Purchase a set of clips and pay half off the new clips Reg. $25.00 and pay$12.50 for new clips 
Price: $40.00

If no Mask Refurb Color is chosen, your Mask will be Refurbished in Gray.

Mailing Address for Mask Refurb will be sent after the order has been placed.

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