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“We have a meeting with Mr. Sammy Baugh and we’re lost, could you direct us?” and the familiar reply by many of the locals… “Sorry, you can’t get there from here.”

Helmet Hut was invited to Sam Baugh’s beautiful ranch tucked away deep deep deep in the heart of Texas.  We sat with Sam for several hours listening to stories of the great ones like Cliff Battles,  and his fond memories playing with the St. Louis Cardinals (baseball that is).  In the back ground, platters of fried chicken were being cooked for the hands soon to come in for dinner.  A realization set in that we were in a part of America that few understand.  Sammy said with a smile, “you don’t wanna be a Cowboy”.

Sammy Baugh has signed few things, but this helmet is the first time his autograph has adorned an authentic reproduction of his true battle attire.  The “RT” helmet was the first plastic helmet worn by most pro teams and the first by Sammy Baugh.

Signing a helmet here; telling a story there, it did not last long enough for us.   We learned a lot that day from a Pro Football HOF legend; how to be humble, gracious and always knowing where you came from.


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